Yoga during the holi(sunny)days


Yoga is how we live, so there can't really be a break from a way of living.

There can be a break from the yoga asana practice, a break from the yoga classes but not from yoga as a fundamental part of our life.

Oh, it is so hot that every slight movement brings an additional drop of sweat. How am I going to practice yoga when it is hot in the morning, all day and in the evening? I don’t like A/C, I don’t have A/C, my body feels like a bag of potatoes but I should keep my practice, I will become stiff, what can I do…our minds talk and talk and talk…well, take a deep yogic breath and embrace a break.

Because de facto, there is no yoga break. Yoga is how we live. There is no break from a way of living.  Let` s elaborate.

There can be a break from the yoga asana practice, a break from the yoga classes but not from yoga as a part of our life. All qualities, which we have cultivated during yoga classes influence how we interact with our environment. We may not always acknowledge it. But that kindness, patience, awareness, mindfulness which we constantly nurture on the mats slowly and profoundly find a stable place inside us. How we treat ourselves while practicing yoga directly affects how we treat others. Yoga is an inner work. All the goodness we build changes our characters from inside-out, for our benefit and the benefits of all around us. And there is no break from being good, kind, selfless, compassionate, peaceful and happy once these qualities sit in our hearts.

Let me add to the above.

Certainly, we all know or heard of the Patanjali` s Yoga Sutras, the fundamental yogic script which codified the yoga system and distinguished the 8 Limbs of Yoga. When studying the eight folds individually, we find a vast amount of attributes that the yoga system consists of. In other words, the qualities which make yoga a part of our lives. This is what I find so fascinating about yoga. The fact that we can always go deeper and deeper into knowledge about ourselves through further learning and applying its principles. There are no limits, no saturation in this development. Only as an example, we can continuously improve our yamas and niyamas- the moral guidelines and observances (truthfulness, non-violence, non-greediness; contentment, purification, self-study etc.).  Or the physical postures asanas (yes, we all know how unlimited is a process of mastering an asana), the breath control- pranayama techniques and then the higher yogic practices of mastering the mind through meditation. There are endless possibilities how to improve and deepen all of these values, practices and techniques, so how there can be a break from yoga?

Therefore, do not fell anxious if you do not have your regular yoga class when our studio is closed (I don’t mean you should not miss us ). It is true that you can maintain a home yoga practice according to what you have learnt at your classes or with a help of numerous online sources (given that you are confident to perform yoga asana and pranayama on your own). However, if it is too hot and your body calls for a break, relaxing time, follow it. A break in a routine is a great opportunity to create space for new ideas and things to come. And apropos, don` t we always emphasize respecting our bodies and feelings? Even by lying on the beach, being aware of the breathing and the beauty of the present moment is your yoga practice. Enjoy it the most and without guilt. Yoga is a part of our life, it is our life that harmony of body, mind and soul. Once present, nothing can break this nature.

Maybe we meet in September a little bit stiff but certainly refreshed, with relaxed minds and lots of space for new beginnings. We will work on it together.

Have a wonderful holiday time yogis and yoginis. Create memories and happy wrinkles from laughter, radiate love and keep the sun shining within. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon back at Yoga Shala.

Love from Mayka.