A Warm Welcome


Yoga Shala teachers welcome you back to the mat

Agni, Malvina, Natasa, Eleni and Mayka sending you a few words for the new season

“Another year at the shala lays ahead, full of experiences to be met, full of discoveries to be made and feelings to be felt! Allow your yoga practice to support you through all this, allow your practice to help you be honest to yourself and to be present and make peace with whatever comes your way, exactly as it presents itself. Peace and Love and warm wishes for an auspicious beginning to all of us” Agni (Monday Vinyasa & Friday Prenatal Yoga)

“Coming back to teaching Yoga, may this new start bring a new blessing for each and every one of us…a new hope…I wish you Love and I invite you to share this practice with me once again on the mat every week” Malvina (Monday Vinyasa & Friday Prenatal Yoga)

“Usher in new beginnings with enough curiosity, imagination and gratitude. Welcome the new with appreciation for the old, allow your body and mind to recall what it knows and make space for new learnings. As always, make sure to be playful and have a child’s mind for your yoga. See you all on your mats. Blessings, love and salutations” Eleni (Tuesday, Hatha Yoga)

“I feel so lucky to be able to share my yoga practice with you in this forthcoming year. I am anticipating the day when I get to see how you will feel and react to Yin Yoga which I have been practicing during the holidays. My intention for this year is to guide you to step into the moment and gratefully experience what you are achieving. Acknowledge and congratulate yourself for returning back into your practice. Your mind and body will thank you” Natasa (Wednesday Vinyasa & Friday Yin Yoga)

“It is said that Yoga is not for the flexible, but for the willing and this is the motto which will be followed through our Thursday Hatha Yoga sessions for beginners and improvers. New yogis setting on the exciting yoga path are welcome as well as experienced yogis who enjoy traditional yoga and wish to improve their practice. You can expect a full spectrum class covering all the fundamental yogic practices with little bit of philosophy and fun. I look forward to seeing your smiling faces and being a part of your new or continuing yoga journey” Mayka (Thursdays Hatha Yoga for Beginners & Improvers)