Another year, another Movember!


The leading global movement committed to changing the face of men's health

Join the millions attempting to change the face of men's health and receive sponsorship from our studio, your yoga teachers, your fellow yogis.

Another year, another Movember

For the fourth year in a row, Yoga Shala will support your efforts for raising awareness for prostate cancer. We commend you for your efforts and we are proud of you!

Yoga Shala - House of Yoga will sponsor their Movember yogis joining forces with millions this month!!
All brave moustachios are welcome to practice at our yoga centre for the whole month and will receive sponsorships for your practices by the studio, your teachers and why not, your fellow yogis at the shala as well! So we can help you keep growing!

A very Big T h a n k y o u to all inspiring movembers out there. Sponsor your friends too !

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