Yoga as a Therapy


Welcome to our new Friday night class

Mayka introduces us into her new Friday evening class “Yoga Therapy Series”, inspired by her training in India earlier this year.

Yoga lovers, we are all aware of vast benefits of yoga on physical, emotional and spiritual level. We understand that yoga is a system to follow towards a healthy and balanced life; we pursue it as a lifestyle.  But have you ever thought about yoga as a holistic therapy, curing and preventing from specific ailments and diseases?

During my stay at Asana Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Center in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, I observed that their students did not attend the classes to learn Yoga as a system to be implemented in their daily life. They used to come with a specific problem, a disease or an ailment, expecting to have their therapy prescribed, practiced and once the problem disappeared, their yoga practice would be over. I found it very different from how we try to pursue and teach yoga in our spheres. On the other hand, I understood that people had strong faith in Yoga as a healing therapy and I found it fascinating.

A typical tailored-made yoga therapy routine would include asana and pranayama; kriyas- cleansing techniques; naturopathy (e.g. hydrotherapy, fasting) and yogic diet advice. Apart from specific yoga therapies, the founder of the school, Dr. Asana Andiappan, developed a scientific system of yoga called “Andiappan Yoga”, born through his research in yoga therapy and based on the teachings of the sage Thirumoolar, described in the ancient yogic text Thirumandiram. The Andiappan Yoga system is summarized as basic and advanced series of asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha which, through the research, have proven effective for treatment and prevention of common ailments and diseases, if practiced systematically (a repetition enhances the depth of the practice and desired effects).

Our new class, inspired by the Andiappan Yoga system, will cover the basic yoga therapy sequences (basic, hence challenging) on the basis of which students can also develop their self-practice. Apart from the basic sequence, the class will also cover a set of postures developed to treat or prevent from common ailments (e.g. back pain, knee pain, shoulder stiffness, stress-relief etc).

The class is suitable for all levels, however, at least 3 months of precedent yoga practice is recommended. For the best results and to benefit from the therapeutic effects of the practice, one should commit to the weekly classes, especially in the initial phase whereby we will be learning the basic sequence.

I am looking forward to seeing you every Friday, at 7:00-8:30pm. The class will last for 1,5 hours but I promise that you will not even realise it!

Mayka xxx

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