Jivamukti Yoga at the Shala


A warm welcome to our friend and Jivamukti Yoga teacher Naile

Join Naile for another inspiring practice at the Shala on the 17th of December and let her guide you into a world of flight!

Jivamukti Workshop with Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Naile Soyel:
Born To Fly *Vol-2

By far the most potent asanas are the inverted practices. In an inversion, the head is placed below the heart. The profound nature of inverted poses is due to their dramatic effect on both the physiology and psychology of the practicioner ~Sharon Gannon&David Life, Jivamukti Yoga Founders

Some of us are born to run, some of us to be philosophers, some are for rock climbing and some of us are born to fly! To fly means to be liberated! In this special Jivamukti Yoga WS; we will search the ‘feeling of flying’ and finally the liberation within the Self! The flying asanas like crow(bakasana), eagle(garudasana) and peacock(mayurasana) are some examples.
To fly; we need to be Light! The lightness on emotional and intellectual level; can help the courageous wings to FLY!! With the method of Jivamukti Yoga; (devotion, yogic scripture, non-harming principle, meditation and music) we will mostly focus on inversion asanas as well as core strengthening, balancing, hip openings and forward/back bendings. This workshop is not suitable for very early beginners and for those who has no yoga background. Date : 17 December 2016 Saturday
Time : 11:00-13:30
Fee : 20 euros

Bookings: 99556445 or info@yogashalacyprus.com