Holiday Season Survival Guide!


Ever felt you need a manual to survive the Holidays? So do we!

Keep this little reminder close to you during the holiday season and stay on your yogic path!

For some people, December is always one of the most stressful months of the year. So how can you take a chill pill and manage that never-ending ‘to do list’ this December? By looking after yourself first as a priority, so that you are fit to look after your loved ones too.

Plan Ahead
With Christmas approaching very quickly, it is important to plan ahead to avoid the stress and panic once the holiday season arrives. By planning ahead, you will ease the pressure, leaving you to enjoy Christmas with your family and friends.

Take Time to Enjoy the Holidays
We recommend during the Christmas holidays to actually take some time for yourself to mindfully enjoy the break. We know this period of the year is the busiest of all, so take this opportunity to cherish it with your friends and family to your own degree and extend, in other words, as long as you are enjoying it!!!

Indulge Without Overindulging
Let’s be realistic here – Christmas is a time to put your happiness first and enjoy yourself, but keep in mind that a little moderation will go a long way! Balance out the extra food and alcohol you’ll likely be consuming with a healthy lifestyle during your downtime. Exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, keep hydrated and get plenty of good quality sleep.

Give Generously
We spend so much time and energy buying gifts for loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. It’s so easy to forget to give back to your community as well. Christmas is the ideal time to think of those less fortunate and help make their Christmas a merry one too. Christmas lunches or New Year Dinners are always a good opportunity to give generously to charities as some people gather together and enjoy playing games. Please consider giving that money to charity.