Yoga for Beginners


Helping beginners in Nicosia understand & practice yoga

Everyone is welcome at Yoga Shala – House of Yoga – in Nicosia, Cyprus. We have students of all different levels of yoga, and different classes and yoga types to suit everyone.

At Yoga Shala, we encourage beginners to join, and do our best to explain what yoga is all about and help guide you through the early stages.

Our beginners yoga program has been put together to make it easier and more enjoyable. It focuses more on the hatha yoga style, with easygoing and beginner techniques. In no time, you will surely become more comfortable and more deeply involved in your yoga. Continually challenging yourself, and perhaps trying new styles of yoga along the way.

Of course you should never do anything that hurts, or might hurt. So it is very important to be upfront with your yoga teacher about any previous injuries, or any pending pains.

No doubt yoga is physical, as you exercise your body. So you will feel your muscles stretching, which can at times be a type of tension. This is expected, and as you learn to listen to your own body's intelligence you will understand that there is good tension and bad tension. As a beginner to yoga, it’s important to be aware, fully comfortable, and slowly ease yourself into the yoga pose; or easy out.

Yoga Shala teachers are always around to help and guide beginners. Teachers are fully qualified and certified in their practice, with diverse backgrounds and experiences in both Cyprus and abroad. Each teacher shares a love for the practice of yoga, and a love for sharing it with everyone else.

The essence of yoga is to be in control of life; of the body, breath and mind. In doing so, putting one’s self in a deep state of self awareness and meditation. Indeed, the simplicity of yoga is in balance and moderation of all aspects of our life, and that leads to a healthier more fulfilling life.

Please get in touch with us for more information and guidance as to which class to attend.

What to know about your Yoga Class at Yoga Shala, Nicosia

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Practice yoga on a relatively empty stomach
  • Private one-on-one yoga sessions available on request
  • Mats & props provided free-of-charge; or bring your own