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Book your Semi-private and Private classes with us

One-on-one or Semi-private Yoga sessions can help you gain a more thorough understanding of the practice of Yoga and its origins.

Yoga was traditionally taught by one teacher directly to one student. The great ancient teachers understood the importance of individualizing each yoga experience to meet the needs of the individual student.¬†Even though group classes are energizing and the collective energy of a yoga class can be very healing, private sessions can really bring about deep transformations to one’s mental and physical health and help towards achieving our personal yoga goals and intentions.

Our teachers at yoga shala are available for morning or afternoon one-on-one private and small group sessions, mainly because we know that injuries and health concerns may make a group yoga class impractical for some participants.¬†Furthermore, other health concerns like pregnancy, or high blood pressure or anxiety, may require special alterations to one’s yoga practice.

Whether it’s any- or all of the above, or perhaps it’s just a case of a hectic lifestyle that is keeping your from fully immersing and benefiting from your Yoga practice, private classes offer the flexibility that we all need from time to time.

Contact us for more information, available times and rates at 99556445

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