Morning Yoga


Setting the tone for the whole day ahead

Start your day with balance and calm. Give yourself the gift of space, vitality and good vibrations and watch your experience transform!

Tuesdays & Fridays 08:30-09:30am 

*Starts Tuesday October 1st* 

Whatever your reason for practicing Yoga may be, this intention has the ability to shape the rest of your day (to say the least), and will give you a focus throughout the hours that follow. How does morning Yoga affect our day?

it’s important to move at the beginning of the day. Overnight, our muscles rest and while they’re not moving, layers of connective tissue and bodily fluid builds up between them. That urge to stretch we get upon waking is essentially an act of releasing the fuzzy build up found between muscles. If we don’t move and stretch however, this layer continues to thicken and build up, causing stiffness, chronically ‘tight’ muscles and common aches and pains

Making the practice of yoga a habit each morning allows the body to get into the habit of switching off the sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ stress response, and instead able to finally tap into the healing benefits of the parasympathetic nervous system – increasing the health of both body and mind immensely. 

There are of course many more benefits to a morning, lunchtime, afternoon, no-official-time, night yoga practice, all there for you to discover. 

Don’t forget… It is our inner world that creates the outer world

A yoga practice has no pre-requisites; you do not have to be flexible, strong, skinny, vegan or any other stereotype attached to ‘yoga people’. All you have to do is be you and let the practice do the rest. 

For more information and to register for this class contact Agni at 99556445.