Therapeutic Yoga


Open levels class/ Yoga as, for Therapy

Whether you suffer with chronic pain, body and mind discomfort, simply put- tension and stress, or whether you are habilitating from physical or mental trauma. Therapeutic Yoga is the way, gives the space both to the body and the mind and works directly in relation to your intention.

Thursdays 6:30-7:30 PM with Agni 

Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of techniques and practices of Yoga. Therapeutic yoga is defined as the application of various forms of Yoga practice for health conditions and involves instruction in yogic practices and teachings (yoga poses done in a special/modified way, meditation, breathing techniques) to prevent, reduce or alleviate structural, physiological, emotional and spiritual pain, suffering or limitations. 

Yoga therapy specialists, are certified yoga teachers who have specialty or interest and training in particular areas of health (women's health, trauma, musculoskeletal, chronic pain etc.

Therapeutic classes may make use of music or musical instruments and happen under gentle lighting. Our senses will be invited to help us create a grounding and joyful environment. Asanas, meditation, breathing and mindful moving.